The Oklahoma Safety Center offers DUI assessment services, substance abuse evaluations, and defensive driving courses.

Find all of the necessary requirements needed for scheduling your next appointment with the Oklahoma Safety Center.

The Oklahoma Safety Center offers classes on a 24-hour, 10-hour, or Saturdays only schedule and Defensive Driving courses.

Our mission is to reduce the number of repeat offenders on Oklahoma roadways by providing educational services to DUI or Drug offenders, assist offenders to identify substance abuse problems, and refer those offenders identified with substance abuse problems to licensed community based treatment programs.

We treat our clients with respect. We want our clients to understand the emotional and economic consequences of choosing to drink and drive.  We strive for excellence here at the Oklahoma Safety Center.  Our evaluators and instructors are all certified professionals.  We distinguish our program from other programs by both our professionalism as well as our commitment to friendly, caring and individualized care.

We are bound by strict confidentiality guidelines.  State laws prohibits us from disclosing personal information to anyone, including relatives, without express written permission from you.