Steps for license reinstatement

Shortly after your arrest, you should receive a letter from the Department of Public Safety (DPS) that will include:

  • Amount of reinstatement fee
  • Date you are eligible to reinstate your license
  • Instructions to obtain An Alcohol/Drug Assessment and follow the recommendations.

Call (918) 621-1600 to schedule an Alcohol/Drug Assessment. This evaluation MUST be performed by a counseling professional CERTIFIED by the Department of Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services as a DUI Assessor. At the end of your assessment, you will be given specific requirements to complete (DUI School, Victim’s Impact Panel, treatment, etc.). When you finish the requirements, return proof of completion to the Assessor. At that time, a Certificate of Completion will be issued to you. This Certificate will bear an embossed seal and red stamp indicating the date all requirements have been satisfied. You will submit in person, or by mail an original of this certificate along with the reinstatement fee in money order made out to the DPS.

You can contact the Department of Public Safety for information regarding your driver’s license at 918-632-7710 in Tulsa or 405-425-2059 in Oklahoma City.

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